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Phyllis Harvey-Hall, a retired public educator and community advocate, announced her candidacy for the 2nd Congressional District of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Phyllis Harvey-Hall grew up in Evergreen, Alabama. Neither of her parents (Andrew and Georgia Harvey) finished high school. Nevertheless, her parents and grandparents pushed her to finish high school. She was the first high school graduate in three generations of her family. She went on to Alabama State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.

Harvey-Hall began her career as an educator in Montgomery Public Schools as a young woman eager to change the world through education. After faithfully serving 25 years, Harvey-Hall retired from Montgomery Public Schools. Since retiring shecontinued her career in public service, including working with the Family Sunshine Center and the National Association of Educational Progress (NAEP). 

She owned and ran a tutoring business for two years. All of Phyllis’ work experiences, including serving as a board member of two neighborhood associations, have led her to this new form of public service called an elected official. Harvey-Hall wants to ensure that every day extraordinary people can know that their concerns and hopes matter now and for their posterity.

After retiring from teaching sixth graders in Montgomery, AL. Currently, she is with as a Testing Coordinator for the National Association of Educational Progress. Harvey-Hall is known for faith in God, her passion for helping people, her positive energy, and her belief in the concept of community. She has dedicated herself to educating youth and helping people who fall on hard times. Harvey- Hall has helped battered families and often uses any available platform to discuss the importance of early education. These experiences have shown her that all people are facing similar challenges, and she welcomes the opportunity to become a more well-rounded advocate for the all living in US Congressional District 2.

Phyllis Harvey-Hall lives in Montgomery with her husband, daughter, and granddaughter.


We must act now to effect substantive change in our communities. We can’t keep waiting for change to come. People in House District 2 need a representative who will work to support the needs of rural communities, the needs of our elderly and veterans, and the educational needs of
our children. People in Alabama are working two and three jobs to make a living.

As a beginning teacher many years ago, I worked two jobs to make extra income.

So, I understand the difficulties of trying to get ahead. However, the world’s economy and job market have become more global since the 90’s. Today’s economy demands that students develop technical and technological skill sets that will enable them to compete in a global market. 

My decision to run for Congress was founded in the belief that if average hard-working citizens wanted their interest and voices heard, we need a representative from among us to be in the room where decisions are made. I want to be the citizen leader that Alabama’s 2 nd District selects to represent our collective concerns in Congress.

I want people to know that we—educators, firefighters, construction workers, policemen, sanitation
workers, fast-food workers, students, grocery store workers, single mothers and fathers, and call center
representatives, enlisted soldiers, and our small business owners, the disabled, entrepreneurs, or any of
my neighbors in working to middle class Alabama, can know that they have a voice and a story to be
heard; they will have a representative of the people who will champion the needs and challenges
encountered where they live.

Public service for the public good. Changemaker


Education lays the foundation for success. A good quality education lays the foundation for success in life. Individuals who successfully complete Year 12 studies are more likely to find employment when they leave school. Employment opportunities are further increased for students who go on to obtain further qualifications. We know that everyone deserves access to a high-quality education, and we need to become intentional in doing all that we can to ensure the reality of great schools.
  • Improve STEM and STEAM Learning for K12 and Post-Secondary Students Students today live in a world where they need to see how subjects and disciplines overlap. STEM (basically Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) teach students how to problem solve and think creatively about real life issues. Education today is teaching students how to think critically and evaluate information.
  • Allocate funding for closing the achievement gaps One of the greatest problems with improving the state of education in Alabama is resources. In order to close achievement gaps in student learning, there must be high quality public schools, and the availability of high-quality early childhood education to all children. There must be innovative programs for children who live at or below the poverty line. I will support funding for programs that are proven to help close educational gaps.
  • Support Social and Emotional Learning A healthy and safe start to life gives our children the greatest chance of succeeding at school and going on to make the most of their opportunities later in life. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is just as important to children’s learning as their academic development. social and emotional learning can enhance a student’s ability to succeed in school, careers and life. SEL can be the most proactive initiative for mental health illness prevention, as research shows that this type of learning can reduce anxiety substance abuse, suicide, depression and violence, while increasing attendance, test scores and prosocial behavior such as kindness, empathy, and personal awareness.

Rural communities are not all heavy agricultural areas. As factories and small farms have diminished, rural development encompasses more than the agricultural sector, it includes small college towns, travel destinations, and a section of almost every county in Alabama. All economists agree that there must me a focused collective action to improve the conditions in rural Alabama. Rural development strategies are needed to connect the resources that can slow or halt the decline of the smallest rural populations. Recently, it was noted that rural communities are confronting more healthcare issues due to lack of access to healthcare providers.

  • Workforce Development
    Workforce development was first discussed in urban areas. However, within the last two decades, the concept has been applied to rural areas. Policies and activities need to be tailored to help those living in rural areas to learn for work. Policies and other efforts must be allocated to sustain a viable workforce for current and future business. There must be more support for incubators to grow and support entrepreneurship. Small businesses is the backbone of communities and our country.
  • Agriculture
    Agriculture feeds America. Moreover, Agriculture is the number one industry in the state of Alabama. The 2018 Farm Bill was passed, and it has brought stability to our farmers. The Farm Bill, also, provided permanent funding for veteran and minority farmers, as well provided permanent funding for farmers markets. We need to continue to support our farmers as they continue the hard work of feeding Alabama and the rest of our county. I would like to see more programs for continued agricultural programs in schools and an increase in specialty farms for fruits, vegetables, and organic farms.
  • Infrastructure for a Brighter Future
    Infrastructure is more than just the roads and buildings that support a society. It is also the communication systems available for the area. I wish to see safe roads in all rural and urban communities, and I wish to know that every area has access to high speed internet. Recently passed gas tax legislation will help rebuild roads and highways in Alabama. We want our roads to be safe for our children’s safety. We must provide technological innovations that will be needed for world class learning and beneficial for small businesses. I wish to further leverage broadband internet access for towns seeking revitalization.

Throughout history, it has been an expectation that when soldiers went to war to protect their country, their country would later honor the soldiers. The U. S. Government has established the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to assist serving the needs of the nations of veterans. Medicare does help to provide medical care for the elderly citizens. I firmly support Supplemental Social Security benefits for the elderly. We must set the example of valuing those who have taken care of and protected us.

  • Modernizing Veterans’ Facilities
    Much has been done to improve the facilities that treat and house the brave men and women who have served in our armed services. They took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and our way of freedom. We owe them the dignity of quality healthcare and elderly care facilities. Any veteran care facility should be safe and up to standards of building code requirements. The Second Congressional District is home to many veterans, and I support all efforts to provide the best quality of life for those who defended and willing to risk their lives for the Constitution of the United States.

  • Increased Support for Mental Health Supports
    Increasingly, educators and the public are concerned about the mental health of children in schools. Statistics show that students are experiencing emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression and other traumas that impact their ability to learn. According to one NPR article, Mental Health in Schools: A Hidden Crisis Affecting Millions (2016), for any given classroom of 25 students, five of the students are confronting the same mental issues as adults. There must be a force for government to do good and provide better access to mental health services. School mental health services are vital to safe schools.
  • Support Cost of Living Adjustments for the Elderly
    The most vulnerable groups among us are babies and the elderly. Those who have worked and contributed to society should not be allowed to be hungry or worried about their rent when they get old. I strongly support Medicaid and Medicare for the elderly. Also, I will continue to support federal grants and programs for the elderly, and I will continue to assist in funding the Older American Act which helps with home healthcare for the elderly to keep them out of nursing homes.


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